I am a Certified Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist, which is based on the principles of Manipulative Osteopathy and Structural Integration. Most of my clients would normally see an Osteopath.  I combine Dalton's incredible techniques with NeuroKinetic Therapy. This means the work is much more precise, specific to your unique history, effective and actually lasts! It is so important NOT to release things just because they are tight, restricted, compressed, or symptomatic as this can often make things worse.

Various manual techniques are used, including mobilisations, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular re-education and clinical massage. Muscle imbalances are assessed and corrected treating muscles, fascia and skeletal structures to restore balance, improve function and reduce pain.

Tight, stressed muscles, usually involved in compensation patterns, contribute to pain by limiting freedom of movement, while weak muscles provide inadequate support for the body, leading to myofascial bracing and muscle compensations elsewhere. This in turn leads to poor posture, stiffness and symptoms which create an endless cycle of pain.

Fibula Head Release to address problems in the Deep Longitudinal Subsystem - causing SIJ Pain:

By addressing the fundamental issues in the muscles, fascia, ligamentous, capsular  and nervous systems, practitioners aim to correct and eliminate the associated symptoms.

 The idea behind Structural Integration is that if someone's body can be aligned properly, his or her health problems can be dramatically reduced, because the body will work as a whole. Osteopathy shares this idea, arguing that many chronic health conditions are related to musculoskeletal problems.

First the therapist should assess precisely WHY something is dysfunctional instead of just trying to release it without considering why the brain is having to adopt these bracing, compressive, restrictive, often painful  protective strategies. Yup, it's usually doing it for a good reason. Only when the underlying Neurology and compensation patterns are understood is it safe and effective to use these amazing techniques COMBINED with a corrective approach to address the underlying cause. Otherwise the patterns will come back or shift elsewhere. Most people experience this when results don't last. This is where my approach is totally different.

I am a Certified Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist.