To get the best results I offer Treatment Packs rather than individual pay as you go sessions. Clients typically require a series of appointments to assess and address their main complaints and related factors. 

As a general guide, the longer you have been symptomatic, the more layers  there are for me to assess and correct. 

Treatment Packs give you various amounts of clinic time credit. Your balance is updated after each session. Packs are valid for 3 months from date of purchase. Full payment is required in advance to secure your initial assessment.

If you are results driven and would like to make lasting progress please contact me so that we can get started. 


Cancellations within 4 days of a pre-booked appointment (for whatever reason) will be charged. Two strikes and you are out as time is spent in advance planning each session. If you are likely to need to cancel on occasion, we are unlikely to be a good fit.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and respect for my time and energy.

Fees are non refundable.

If you have private healthcare insurance with www.cigna.co.uk you may be entitled to subsequent fee reimbursement as I am an Approved Provider with Cigna.