I am a NeuroKinetic Therapy Master (one of only a handful throughout Europe) I have been a Teaching Assistant at the London School of Osteopathy with founder David Weinstock. NKT has enabled me to change many lives which would have been impossible to do otherwise. I  continually advance my clinical knowledge and skills so that I am better able to help my client's unresolved pain and restrictions.

After originally qualifying as a Sports Therapist, I trained in Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy at the renowned Raworth International College of Sports Therapies, The London School of Sports Massage and the Jing Institute. I have managed various Health Clubs and been a Personal Trainer on and off for over 30 years.

I am a Certified Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist, which is based on the principles of Manipulative Osteopathy and Structural Integration. I combine these incredible techniques with NKT. Most of my clients would normally see an Osteopath. 

Anatomy in Motion Practitioner (as featured in BBC1s Doctor In The House) completing all 3 levels of training in Dublin.

Voila Method of Structural Joint Balancing (precision CranioSacral Keystone rebalancing) As with all of my modalities, the assessments and results can be pretty mind-blowing.

I am currently studying Functional Neurology.

On a personal note, I have been a triathlete and duathlete for over 30 years, achieving wins, course records and numerous podium places. I still compete occasionally for fun.